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Baptistry Heaters: The Best Products in the marketplace


Invented more than a century ago, baptistry heaters have a long history. Packed with copper coils that transfer heat from elements to the water, the gas water The Heater Guru have now evolved to operate on electricity as opposed to propane or gas. Baptistry and church heaters aren't exactly the same - baptistry heaters only heat the water for baptisms, but church heaters heat the floor of the entire church.

Why choose a baptistry heater?

Before we take a look at some of the most effective models in the marketplace it is important to know what to watch out for when you find yourself purchasing a baptistry heater. You will want heater that is:

Efficient. Church power bills are often extremely high particularly if the complete church needs to be heated for the winter season. That's why it is important to look for the most energy efficient heaters.

In addition, you want a heater that lasts for years, this way it will save you money.

Safety factors are of vital importance as the threat of electrocution is very real.

It's important to look into the regulations and rules of the state that your church is in, as various places have different standards with regards to what type of electricity equipment can be utilized.

In addition, you need to take into account that the greater the heater the more ugly it will be.

Which is the best baptistry heater for me?

Although there are so many various types that churches can decide on, there are some which are more efficient in heating and that live longer.

Hydro-Quip BES 6000 series

This type of baptistry heater is available in two sizes: 5.4kw and 11kw. If you have a large pool you should get the 11kw heaters. Both models have electricity motors and GCFI protection so as to take away the danger of electrocution. As long as you hire a professional to install your heater, it should work effectively for quite a long time. Additional features include a 7-day timer that can turn the heater on and off automatically, thermostat, auto fill and remote control. Even though the heaters include a handbook it's probably better to hire an electrical contractor to aid with the installation.

PBES 6010

This heater is portable so it's ideal for churches that perform baptisms in more than one location. It comes with a thermostat, pressure switch and a 15-ft suction and return hose. Despite the fact that it's smaller compared to the Hydro-Quip models it's still fine to heat large pools.

Can I find any other good models?

You can't really do better than these two models. They'll stand the test of time, and keep costs down because they are energy efficient.

Should you choose an immersion heater or a circulation baptistry heater?

This is a very important point to consider when you're choosing a heaters. As the name suggests, immersion heaters are immersed into the water and as water around it gets heated it moves away from TheHeaterGuru and is displaced by cold water. The only issue with this sort of heater is that as it comes with a cable that runs on the floor near the baptistry someone is likely to trip on it. There's also the danger of electrocution.

A circulation baptistry heater works in a similar way to a pool heaters. It's much, much safer and easier to take care of. This link in case you need to know about the heater guru.
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